Enjoy the Recreational Activities in Utah State

Enjoy the Recreational Activities in Utah State

People usually associate Utah with the desert but the state has many beautiful parks where tourists cab camp, the parks also hosts activities that are supervised by Rangers. Here is a list of some of the parks in America that people often visit for their breathtaking beauty.


Capitol Reef Park

This park is very beautiful and visitors can get a view of the reputed Waterpocket Fold that is an upthrust from the Core of the earth and it spans 100 miles. Visitors also have to option of visiting Fruita which is a historic town not too far away. Rock climbing and horse riding are some of the activities in the park.

Canyonlands Park

This park is located in the corner of Utah and is surrounded by the Green rivers and Colorado. This park is just perfect for those tourists who love to camp and indulge in outdoor activities like cycling, hiking, and whitewater rafting. The park is further divided into four different districts and tourists can have access to those districts separately.


Bryce Canyon National Park

This park has a rocky terrain and is located on the Paunsaguant Plateau, the park boasts of beautiful rock formation and visitors have the liberty of driving around visiting the main stops and exploring trailheads. The park also provides a bus system that tourists can avail. The laws on littering are very strict in the park.

Arches National Park

Located near a city called Moab, this park is located in the northeastern region of Utah. The park has 2000 natural arches made of stone that is nothing short of masterpieces created by Mother Nature. The park has a loop tour that spans about 40miles together with numerous outlooks and trailheads. It is said that this region was once used by ancient settlers , Native Americans, and pioneers, so tourists can come across historic buildings here .

Zion National Park

The park opened in the year1919, the park also has beautiful and deep cannons. The Brightly colored sandstones are simply mesmerizing. In this park, you will find plants of 900 different species. Zion holds valuable information regarding early settlers. The park is neatly tucked away in the Southwestern region of Utah. If you love spending time in the lap of nature then this park is where you should be.

sand-hollow-state-parkSand Hollow Park

This park is stunning as it is covered by red sandstone with a lake filled with clear blue water. Tourists often come here for fishing and boating and of course for kitesurfers this is heaven on earth. Nature watching, camping, and hiking are some of the other activities that can be undertaken in this park. If you decide to bring your pets along then you must have them on a lease.

So these are some of the best parks in the state of Utah and every year millions of tourists flock to these parks to get a glimpse of nature at its best. These parks are just the best for families to go and spend quality time together.

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