State Restaurants In Utah

State Restaurants In Utah

When you are visiting Utah, you should not miss out on its developing food scene. There are more than 600 restaurants all over Utah to choose from  which offer you great meals and efficient service. There are restaurants specializing in various cuisines from all over the world. Here the some of the best restaurants in the state of Utah worth visiting:

Ruth’s Chris Steak Houselogo

This steak house located in Salt Lake City. The are steaks served are extra thick, tender and hand cut. They are served sizzling in butter. The steaks from this restaurant are considered to be among the best available in Utah. The la carte menu of the restaurant includes seafood, several vegetable dishes and different potato items. The atmosphere of this place is elegant and warm.

The Copper Onion

This is one of the newest restaurants in Utah, which is very popular. A variety of vegetable dishes are available. Ricotta dumplings with lemon and brown butter, braised pork belly with vegetables and fresh sausages and burgers are popular food items here. The bread is baked in the restaurant itself and ice cream is made in house.  This place has a casual atmosphere and is quite pocket friendly.

The Roof Restaurant

This restaurant is considered to be one of the best garment dining buffet restaurants. You will get a great view of the temple square and downtown of Salt Lake City from this restaurant. The menu of this place focuses on extravagant and inspiring food items. It consists of international cuisine and a desert buffet can be available which includes exotic desserts. Coffee and alcohol are not served here.

Current Fish & Oyster

This is one of the best seafood restaurants in Utah, which features classic seafood and modern seafood. The fish gt-7982served is of the best quality. The most popular fish items from all over America and oyster dishes from all over the world are served.

Grappa Italian Restaurant

This restaurant is located at Park City and has the atmosphere which resembles an Italian farmhouse. Decorated with tiles, wooden beams and grapevine motif, the menu focuses on a sophisticated approach towards food. Osso Buco is the dish you must try out while visiting this restaurant. There is a wine menu which serves wine from Italy and California. The presentation of this place is excellent and you will also get a great view of the main street from Grappa’s

Caffe Molise

This restaurant serves fresh Italian cuisines based on the traditions of Molise in Italy. The dining room is decorated with vibrant local art. You can also select garden tables. Friday evenings at this restaurant are featured by live jazz music. This place is centrally located and can be easily accessed from different places in Utah. Wine, beer and cocktails are also served.

While in Utah you have abundant options of restaurants. Most of them are located in easily accessible and centrally located areas. The food scene in Utah is quite talked about and you must visit these restaurants for having a great dining experience.

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